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Read & Resist Tucson!

In last week’s Sunday Salon (on my book blog), I mentioned that I was kicking around an idea in my head to get people reading Tucson’s banned books list. I’d originally intended to do a weekend-long event where people could “read-in” and … Continue reading

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Quote of the Day

I love [Latin@s] from the bottom of my heart…I’m somewhat hurt that they would think that I would be a racist, you know. …says the woman who signed the Latin@ Racial Profiling Act of 2010 into law. [via]

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Asshole of the Day

A group of artists who painted a large mural at a Prescott, Arizona school has been asked by the principal to lighten the faces of the children in the painting.  The mural, which prominently depicts a Latino child and three … Continue reading

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Friday Funny: No Problemo

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Machete’s Cinco de Mayo Message for AZ

No comment on Alba. For now.

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Gov. Brewer: undocumented immigrants bring “implications of crime and terrorism” to AZ

via LiveWire In case she wasn’t clear enough when she linked undocumented immigrants to murderous drug cartels, Gov. Brewer is now calling immigration in Arizona a form of “terrorist attacks.”

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Saturday Link Love: Arizona Edition (Pt. 2)

Jon Stewart: Law & Border: Problem Chylde: Arizona: All Latin@s Carry Papers or GTFO Again, I return to brownfemipower’s piece at Feministe, where many commenters point out to her the presence of nonimmigrant visas for women and children who face … Continue reading

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