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Feminism and transmisogyny

This is the inevitable problem with all attempts to portray trans women as “fake” females (whether media or feminist in origin): They require one to give different names, meanings, and values to the same behaviors depending on whether the person … Continue reading

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Blast from the Past

Girls ought to be active and diligent; nor is that all; they should also be early subjected to restraint. This misfortune, if it really be one, is inseparable from their sex; nor do they ever throw it off but to suffer more … Continue reading

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On Catholicism

As someone working to transform and change the concepts of ‘a nun’ and ‘the church,’ I have no problem with the term nun or the title that goes with it. The women’s movement reclaimed “sisterhood” for all women. So the … Continue reading

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Patriotism, red hot, is compatible with the existence of a neglect of national interests, a dishonesty, a cold indifference to the suffering of millions.  Patriotism is largely pride, and very largely combativeness.  Patriotism generally has a chip on its shoulder. … Continue reading

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A Revolution of Values

We live in chaos, uncertain about the possibility of building and sustaining community.  The public figures who speak the most to us about a return to old-fashioned values…are most committed to maintaining systems of domination—racism, sexism, class exploitation, and imperialism.  … Continue reading

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Orin had spoken about his family at length, usually at night.  On how no amount of punting could erase the psychic stain of basic fatherly dislike, failure to be seen or acknowledged.  Orin’d had no idea how banal and average … Continue reading

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