Virgen Art V

Note: The Virgen Art series is definitely one of the most popular features of this blog. I’m working on compiling all of those posts into their own page so that they’re easier to find.

If you have any Virgen art you’d like to share, please feel free to email me!

Today’s Virgen art comes to me via San Antonio, TX artist Israel Rico. If you’re in the San Antonio area, “Virgo” will be on display at the Una Noche de arte Chicano show tomorrow evening–November 13–at The Fiesta B&B (1823 Saunders Avenue, San Antonio, TX 78207; (210) 226-5548). Fideo and margaritas will be served (mmmm!), and there will be live music!

Above: Chicano Astrology-Virgo (2010)


Above: Super Wonder-Lupana (2009)


Above: Wonder Virgen (2010)

I especially love that last one. Thank you so much for sharing, Israel!

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