Asshole of the Day

Sharron Angle, for perpetuating the idea that “illegals” = drug smugglers via a campaign site that attacks her opponent, Harry Reid, for supporting the DREAM Act:

Picture made to look like a Monopoly game box. Reads: Harry Reid's AMNESTY GAME: Fun for the whole Illegal family! Harry Reid thinks illegal immigration is a game but Nevada citizens know that it's all too real.

Photo of a stack of orange "Take a Chance" Monopoly cards on top. Top card reads: "YOU NEED CASH QUICK!" Yellow "Community Chest" Monopoly card below reads: "THAT'S OK, JUST SMUGGLE DRUGS! PASS GO, COLLECT AMNESTY"

via Jezebel:

Angle is still betting that Latino citizens don’t matter as much as the racist vote…The worst part is that it appears to be paying off: according to Five Thirty-Eight’s model, Angle, “for the first time since the spring, has better than a three-in-four chance to win her race against Harry Reid.”

Ugh. Let’s hope not.


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One Response to Asshole of the Day

  1. Darth Paul says:

    So much for the bluster around that miserable woman. I’m thrilled at Reid’s victory.

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