RGV people go to White House

I’ll refrain from my usual White House-related cynicism today, because a lot of people from the Rio Grande Valley got to go to the White House on Tuesday, and that in itself is kinda cool (especially since the nation mostly knows this area right now for being the border area where the white dude got shot and disappeared).


Javier Garcia II, a seventh-grade student at Stell Middle School in Brownsville, got to introduce Obama at a Latin@ education-related event.

The president of UTB-TSC (where my sister currently attends) was present, as was the founder of the IDEA charter schools in south Texas.

The UTPA mariachi band also got to go and perform. Before I transferred upstate during my undergrad years, I was a music major at UTPA, so yay Pan Am!

RGV represent!


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One Response to RGV people go to White House

  1. Orlando De Leon says:

    That’s right! Playing in the white house for president Barack Obama was a wonderful opportunity. My friends and I had so much fun. Thank you so much for the opportunity!

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