Assholes of the Week

“Latinos for Reform,” a Republican 527 group that bought ad space on Univision so they could run this ad in areas with large Latin@ populations:

If you don’t understand Spanish, the English version of the ad is after the jump, but the despicable gist is this: because the Democrats have failed to reform immigration laws, you should send them a message and NOT VOTE. 

Not “vote for __ as an alternative.” Not “put pressure on __ to change __.” Just plain “don’t vote.”

And yes, I get that the whole point of this campaign underhanded bullshit is to get rid of any obstacles that stand in the Republicans’ way (obstacles being Latino@s, who tend to vote Democrat). But urging disenfranchised groups to “empower” themselves by not voting is just plain fucked up. Thankfully, Univision returned the money and won’t be playing the ads.

English version of the video after the jump.



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