Photo of the Day

This is what Chicken McNuggets look like before they’re shaped into nuggets:

The first words out of my mouth when that image and those words clicked in my brain were “oh fuck.” IT’S PINK MUSH THAT LOOKS LIKE SOMETHING YOU’D USE FOR INSULATION! Nasty!

I’ve been boycotting McDonalds for over a decade now, initially because of their treatment of slaughterhouse animals, and then because of the beef fries brouhaha. This picture isn’t making me regret my ongoing boycott for a second.

Photo via Buzzfeed.

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I love donuts. Chocolate iced, hold the sprinkles.
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3 Responses to Photo of the Day

  1. Wh-what is that? Why is it being plopped in cardboard boxes? OH GOD WHY?

  2. Darth Paul says:

    I’ve been off McD’s since 2001 out of simple grossness like this. No regrets here.

    I actually thought of polygrip when I saw this. Then Miss Piggy toothpaste (remember that? It had sugar in it.).

  3. Renee says:

    I probably eat McDonanlds about once or twice a year because I get a craving for their fries. I know that they could survive a nuclear bomb but something about the grease and salt calls me. The nuggets however are a different matter. To me there has always been something a food version of Frankenstein and now I finally have proof. That is positively disgusting.

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