Asshole of the Day

Donald Trump, for throwing his hat into the ring re: Park51.

He’s offered to buy the property at the price it was bought for, plus 25%, if they agree to move the “mosque” at least 5 blocks away from Ground Zero (click to enlarge):

To which I say: dude, shut the fuck up and mind your own damn business. Jeez.  Also: did he write his signature with a crayola? Cuz that thing is scary.


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2 Responses to Asshole of the Day

  1. Darth Paul says:

    Except that real estate IS one of his businesses.

  2. prof susurro says:

    the “funny” thing is it is already planned for 2 blocks away (& will host prayer rooms for Christians and Jewish people) & there is an actual Mosque 3 blocks away now. So they move it 2 blocks back from the existing Mosque (that hosts no one but Muslims): (1) how does that honor the Muslims who died in 9/11 defending the U.S. or doing working class jobs in the towers? (2) How does that stop the bigotry of the anti-center groups who, if they are capable of basic math, should know you can drive 5 blocks in roughly the same amount of time you can drive 3 & who will use this as a victory to harass other people? The only “good” thing about this discussion is that it puts names and faces to the people who think N. America is defined by hatred and exclusion.

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