Dig, dig, dig…

Dr. Laura, on having her first amendment rights usurped by “angry, hateful groups:”

Don’t let the door hit you on the way out.


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One Response to Dig, dig, dig…

  1. FreeTexan says:

    Her First Amendment Rights are not compromised at all! She is welcome to say what she wants. She has simply revealed to more people who she is. Dr. Laura is not being silenced. There are simply a LOT less people interested in listening. There is no constitutional need for her free speech to be amplified by media.

    This is best summed up by a paraphrase from an Ayn Rand conversation.
    “What do you think of Dr Laura?”
    “I don’t think of Dr. Laura”

    No need to think about her, listen to her judgmental comments, or her pitiful whining.


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