Quote of the Day

“Don’t NAACP me.”

–Dr. Laura Schlessinger, trying to silence a black woman who called her out for saying the n-word (11 times) on-air. She then went on to say the caller was “hypersensitive” and needed a “sense of humor.”


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3 Responses to Quote of the Day

  1. Julian Real says:

    She just needs to be taken off the air. Period.

    Here virulent racism and homophobia are not “airwave-worthy”.

  2. prof susurro says:

    even better, she told her that she should not be in an interracial relationship if she cannot handle having her husband’s friends make racist jokes and racist/racialized comments about her.

  3. Darth Paul says:

    I’d like to lock her, Nancy Grace, and a rabid wolverine in a room and toss the key.

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