Yahoo!: Eating together as a family can prevent early puberty

A study just came out on the rise of girls hitting puberty at younger ages, sometimes as early as 6 or 7 years old. The rates are higher in Black and Latina women.

I wasn’t going to mention this study because other blogs have already written plenty on the subject, but this Yahoo! article is just asinine.  According to the article, the researchers aren’t really sure what is causing girls to hit puberty earlier (they suspect obesity). However, Frank Biro, who headed the study, is quoted saying:

[T]here are things families can do to minimize the possible risk of early puberty in young daughters, including eating more fruits and vegetables and eating together as a family.

Come again?

How the hell does eating together as a family prevent one’s estrogen levels from kicking into high gear? Futhermore, there are bigger issues at hand here: What about single parents who work double shifts and can’t eat with their kids no matter how much they want to? What about people who can’t afford (or have no access to) fruits and vegetables, much less ones that weren’t grown with pesticides and other chemicals?

I am so over everything being attributed solely to obesity.


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One Response to Yahoo!: Eating together as a family can prevent early puberty

  1. Darth Paul says:

    I don’t doubt there *could* be some weird epigenetic business going on where adult presences IN GENERAL could affect hormone levels in children (not just sexual hormones, but stress ones too like cortisone and vasopressin), but there’s absolutely no way to measure that; much less make any sweeping conculsions.

    If I had to speculate, I’d guess it has to do with the amount of phytoestrogens and hormone disruptors in our environment (plastics, soy products, etc.). This would make sense in the context of minority females because minority neighborhoods tend to have poor water, undertended infrastructure, and are generally situated next to or within particularly unsafe areas like landfills, manufacturing plants, power plants, incinerators, etc.

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