Arpaio makes good on promise to arrest SB 1070 protesters

Earlier this week, renowned human rights violator/Arizona sheriff Joe Arpaio declared, “I hear a rumor [protesters] want to block my jails. So, if they want to block the jails, they can have a little trip in the jail…we’re not going to put up with any civil disobedience just because they want to…give a message through the media about this situation that is occurring here in Arizona.”

Protests in Arizona have stirred up again this week because SB 1070 went into effect at 12:01 a.m. on Thursday. Although Judge Susan Bolton struck down four parts of SB 1070 the day before it took effect, immigration rights activists say it isn’t enough. At least 50 protesters were arrested on Thursday.

Human rights activist Salvador Reza, wasn’t even protesting when he was arrested for the second time in two days. When he was brought into court, the prosecutor admitted he was arrested without probable cause, but the judge still refused to drop the charges: “If they can do this to me,” [Reza] told the reporters present before refusing interviews, “what do you expect they can do to anybody else?”

Video via tex[t]-mex.


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