Asshole of the Day

Sigh. Mel.

Mel, Mel, Mel, Mel, Mel.


Wetbacks?” Really? I guess “spic” or “beaner” didn’t have the same ring to it.

Women. Check.

Jewish people. Check.

Black people. Check.

Mexicans. Check.

Who will be next? Teh Muslims? Teh Gays? Poor people? I seriously considered postponing this post and just waiting another week for Mel’s next target to be revealed.

*grumble* I used to have a fish named Braveheart. *grumble*



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7 Responses to Asshole of the Day

  1. Rory says:

    Hola, please join us for a local meeting here in Dallas July 24th at La Duni

  2. Julian Real says:

    How disgusting he is! What a racist prick.

    The question is: what the hell ELSE will it take for Hollywood and mainstream media to really shut him down, professionally, and not allow him on any awards shows, not give him any pro-Mel press, etc. And not promote any celebs who “see that he’s being misrepresented” or whatever else his apologists want to say.

    I’m fine with his misogynist-heterosexist-pro-patriarchal-racist rants being made public, as it shows what a vile human being he is. But… if the expression about show biz “there’s no such thing as bad press” is true, I worry.

    He’s the patriarchal posterboy for celebrity Homo Paliens (white het male supremacist invaders and colonisers).

  3. Heqit says:

    I think he already crossed Teh Gays off that list, too — he had an interview (with a Spanish paper, I think) back in the ’90s that was quite offensive on the subject of Gay Men Have Anal Sex Ewwww GROSS! Mel, so classy. Such an asshole.

  4. Darth Paul says:

    He’s been dead to me since before The Passion. I wish I had a huge bag of toldja-sos for the apologists before this pathetic expose.

  5. Darth Paul says:

    Oh, and there’s nothing wrong with having a fish named Braveheart. Wallace was a real, noble character. If you named it Mel, though, I’d be worried.

  6. Julian Real says:

    It’s getting clearer to me now.

    Ridiculous het men often assume that all gay men do is have anal sex with one another.

    Homophobic misogynist racist white het men are assholes.

    Therefore, WHM who are bigoted assholes obsessively worry that gay men will want to come after them, sexually.

    Plunk. Plunk. Plunk. [<–the sound of pieces of the racist heteropatriarchal puzzle falling into place]

  7. Melissa says:

    Well, he got dropped by his agency (apparently the anti-Semitism was the last straw, and after his agent died, they dropped him). Hopefully no one else will pick him up.

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