Your chances of having a kid are…

The Daily Beast—in a totally awesome article titled “Will You Ever Have a Baby?“—has apparently decided to join the lastest round of OMG WOMEN WITH DEGREES WILL BE CHILDLESS FOREVER!!!!!!!!!

The article lists 15 different statistics cis women can use to see if they’ll ever pop out a kid. Shockingly, “Hmm, I’m fertile and want children,” and, “I’ll have kids when hell freezes over,” are two scenarios that were not taken into account.  But my absolute favorite statistic?

14. If you’re a teenage girl who is in a relationship with a gang member, you’re nearly twice as likely to become pregnant than teenage girls who are not involved with gang members.

The study that produced this statistic also found that girls’ being gang members themselves had no effect on pregnancy rates. “There are some cultures in which, for a man to be accepted as a man, he has to get a girl pregnant,” says Domar. In those realms, she says, “the credo is that a true man knocks up his girlfriend.”

Head, meet desk.


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