Guatemala: Ways to help

Here’s a list of organizations with direct connections to Guatemala.  I also wanted to point out that Mayan Families (linked below) is an organization that helps indigenous Mayan families.  You can make a general monetary donation, or if you scroll down their donations page, you can donate money for specific items.  Right now, they say money for food, sweaters for girls and boys, underwear and socks for girls and boys, and shoes of all sizes (but nothing over size 8 ) are most urgently needed.

via Link for Health (which seems to have the most updated info regarding relief efforts):

In all cases, it is best to donate to an organization’s non-restricted/general fund.  They will know how best to channel the funds.  Click on the group’s name, to access their donations page.  All of these organizations can provide a tax-receipt for US donors.

As Green As It Gets:  Is channeling help and funds directly to help their farmers in and around San Miguel Escobar.

Common Hope (Familias de Esperanza):  Is currently supporting the relief efforts east of La Antigua.  They are using funds to provide essentials (diapers, food, water, etc.) to those who have lost their homes.

ConstruCasa:  Home building NGO – will be working in the mountains around La Antigua, to aid those who have lost their homes.

Finding Freedom:  An American NGO that is wiring funds to first line relief personnel.   This includes Hugo Suarez’ relief efforts.

Mayan Families:  Family support charity in the Lake Atitlan region.  They will be directly aiding families displaced by this storm.  Many of these families were also displaced by Hurricane Stan in 2005, and Mayan Families was there for them then, too.

Rotary Clubs of Guatemala:  The Rotary Clubs in Guatemala are all hard at work providing first-line disaster relief.  To support their efforts, please follow the link to the Rotary page of the Ft. Collins, Colorado chapter.  The Ft. Collins club has strong relationships with chapters all over Guatemala, and will channel the funds to the areas with the most need.

Wuqú Kawoq:  Health care providers, who provide culturally sensitive care to indigenous individuals, using their native dialect.  As I type, this group is en route to the Lake Atitlan area to provide immediate care.  This group also plans to be manufacturing water filters in Lake Atitlan within the next two weeks.

If you know of any other organizations or fundraisers, leave it in comments and I’ll add it to the list.  [I’m leaving this up as a sticky post for the next few days.]


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  1. Julian Real says:

    Thanks so much, Melissa. I’ll post this resource/support information to my blog as well.

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