Asshole of the Day

via Think Progress

Tony Venuti of AZ Tourist News, on why you should support the Arizona Buycott:

Cockroaches?  Psh, I’ll give him some cockroach people, all right.

Transcript after the jump:

Good morning. I’m Tony Venuti, I publish AZ Tourist News, and I support Arizona Buycott.  And you’ve seen the article in the AZ Daily Star, or perhaps you haven’t, but it’s  Some responses I’ve been seeing in the comments section has brought me to this video right now to explain my attitude or my position on amnesty, etc.  What should we do, what’s the first thing we need to do?

Well obviously we need to secure our borders, A. B, the people who are criminals here need to get their butts out of town, and the only way we can to that is to ID everybody right now.  Right now.  And when we ID everybody, we can’t kick everybody out right now, we simply don’t have the time.  First things are first.  So we make a fence—a very big one.  And we ID everybody.

Now let me tell you something. There’s gonna be a little bit of a procession down into the border South when you see a lot of illegal criminals, knowing they are going to be compelled to be ID’d or thrown in jail, you’re gonna see them disappear back south like a bunch of cockroaches. Trust me. The other ones that are here, we’re gonna have to deal with them and I don’t know how that’s going to be dealt with. We don’t need to worry about that now.

But if they’re legal, they need to be able to work here without the fear of repercussions, and having an ID is essential. And not just an ID, but for our politicians to have an idea of what we’re gonna be doing.


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