Chaos in Guatemala

Look at the massive sinkhole in Guatemala that swallowed a three story building:

Rains from Tropical Storm Agatha have already killed over one hundred people, with at least 50 more missing.  Almost 120,000 people have been evacuated from their homes, and most of their crops have been wiped out.

Via BoingBoing:


Renata Avila of Global Voices in Guatemala says,

“I think that the best way to help now is to save the energy to help later: after the storm I am pretty sure we will face a nutrition crisis again because of lost crops and also a titanic task to rebuild communities. But if someone wants to donate in kind stuff here are the list of centers collecting items, and people can donate to These kids are amazing and are NOT corrupt.”I second the understanding that food crisis is imminent, and the best place to focus a desire to help. I traded texts with the K’iche village yesterday, and word is that most of the corn crops were devastated throughout that part of the highlands. I’d expect similar throughout the land. We’re talking about a nation in which a large number of indigenous communities are still subsistence maize farmers, and Guatemala was already in the middle of an economic crisis and a hunger crisis—the success or failure of a corn crop can be a matter of life or death.

[Photo via Guatemalan government’s Flickr.]


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2 Responses to Chaos in Guatemala

  1. Julian Real says:

    That’s horrifying!

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