Monday Mix – Of Montreal Edition

My official OM countdown has begun: on Sunday night, I will be in Austin trying to squeeze my way to the front of a sweaty crowd at the Mohawk as I watch one of my absolute favorite bands in action.  The last time I saw OM, I was at a fairly intimate show in Brooklyn, standing about 5 feet away from Kevin Barnes the entire time.  I managed to score Davey’s set list afterward.  The costumes, the psychedelic lights, the music, Janelle Monae as the opening act…it was heaven.

I adore live shows.  During my last 6 months in NY, when it became clear that a move back to Texas was imminent, I soaked in the concerts and averaged about one a week.  I’m a couple weeks she of being back in Texas for a full year now, and I’ve been to exactly one concert—Rufus Wainwright, a decidedly more low key concert than my typical fare—since moving back.  The OM show will be my first loud, dance-filled concert in a year.  Will I be pulling feathers out of my hair for days again?  What covers will they sing during the encore?  I can’t wait to find out!

Of Montreal – Id Engager

Of Montreal – The Party’s Crashing Us (acoustic)

Of Montreal – Disconnect the Dots

Of Montreal – The Past is a Grotesque Animal (acoustic)

Of Montreal – Gronlandic Edit


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