Saturday Link Love: Arizona Edition (Pt. 2)

Jon Stewart: Law & Border:

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Problem Chylde: Arizona: All Latin@s Carry Papers or GTFO

Again, I return to brownfemipower’s piece at Feministe, where many commenters point out to her the presence of nonimmigrant visas for women and children who face sexual assault and intimate partner violence. If they weren’t planning on calling law enforcement in Arizona before the passage of this law, they surely won’t be moving forward with that move now.

Angry Black Bitch: On Arizona’s new law…

A bitch supports the idea of a boycott mostly because I think people should be warned that their family trip could turn into an apartheid experience quicker than flies gather on shit.

The Field Negro: You could be next.

Imagine, if you will, that you are a Latino man who just ran out to Home Depot to get some supplies to do some yard work. You just got your supplies and you are outside loading your Chevy F-150 and some local po po rolls up on you and demands that you prove that you are an A-merry-can. Can you imagine? Well, that is exactly what the law could allow them to do in Mr. Morton country in the next couple of days. These assholes in “the land of the sun” just told the federal government to go and f*&k themselves because they have a border control problem.

guerilla mama medicine: on living in a police state

but a lot of the us-based progressive left rhetoric sounds a bit too much like: how dare they do this to US.  as if living in the us is a guarantee against living in a police state.  as if the police state that the us exports to the rest of the world was just ‘out there’.  and ‘in here’ were different issues to face. the thing about us-centrism in radical movements is that us-centrism can create a blindness.  a blindness that means that we get blind-sighted by our own sense of entitlement.  and thus unprepared for what the fall of an empire means.  that ‘out there’ and ‘in here’ are illusory empty concepts.  like safety. like hope.

More links after the jump…

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Slatest: Backlash Mounts Over Arizona Immigration Law

Salon: Arizona immigration law: Baseball to the rescue?

The Monitor: Lawsuits expected over Ariz. illegal immigrant law

Latina Lista: News outlets citing Rasmussen poll of 70% of AZ voters favor immigration bill are delivering inaccurate news

TransGriot: Arizona’s Unjust Law

Livewire: Tancredo: I Always Thought AZ Immigration Was A Good Law!

Reclusive Leftist: The United States is not a nation of laws, but an empire of invasion and conquest


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