Sulfuric acid thrown in Alamo teacher’s face

Horrifying local news today via The Monitor:

The teacher was driving home with her young daughter Tuesday afternoon when a teal Ford Focus with a dark-colored hood bumped the back of her vehicle, said Alamo police Sgt. Lupita Valdez.

The woman got out of her vehicle to check for any damage. There was none. The Focus’ driver began to accuse her of not having car insurance — an apparent attempt to distract the teacher, Valdez said.

Suddenly, a man emerged from the front passenger seat of the Focus and sprayed her in the face with a water bottle. […]

The attackers left the bottle at the scene and fled the area. By the time Pharr firefighters determined the liquid in the bottle was sulfuric acid, it had already begun to melt the plastic bottle.

The teacher’s daughter stayed inside the vehicle during the incident. The attackers did not try to target her, Valdez said. […]

The teacher remained hospitalized at a San Antonio burn unit Wednesday evening. She is not in critical condition and will survive, but will likely live the rest of her life with severe deformations from the powerful acid, commonly found in dyes, paint thinner and batteries. […]

Police are looking for two medium-built men in connection with the acid attack. The driver was wearing a black New York Yankees baseball cap and the passenger — the man suspected of spraying the acid — has a goatee and was wearing a light blue striped shirt.

And while most of the comments on the article remained respectful, one theme that jumped out at me a few times was, “this isn’t the Middle East.”  This is disheartening, because acid attacks on women aren’t just relegated to the Middle East and South Asia; they happen worldwide to women from all ethnicities and backgrounds.  Such attacks are unheard of in this area, but gruesome acts of violence against women are a possibility no matter where you live.


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3 Responses to Sulfuric acid thrown in Alamo teacher’s face

  1. noemi says:

    i was reading this to my coworkers today, its pretty close to where I work. Really sad.

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  3. educator says:

    That was so bad. I feel so sorry for them.

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