America Ferrera to produce “Pedro & Maria”

via Yahoo! News

America Ferrera is set to be the executive producer of a new interactive television show for MTV, “Pedro & Maria.”  The show will be a telenovela based on Romeo & Juliet, and the audience will be able to vote on the direction of the plot and its characters.

With the cancellation of “Ugly Betty,” I’m glad that some television audiences (i.e.: the ones with cable) will still get to watch a television show that has some kind of Latin@ representation.

However, I’m not pleased that Proctor & Gamble is going to co-produce the project.  The corporation has a nasty history of animal testing practices (and have lobbied against testing bans in the past).  They also have a history of trying to keep the extent of their animal testing sealed from the public.  Quite frankly, I haven’t bought one of their products in over a decade.

With P&G as a co-producer, I’m sure “Pedro & Maria” will be infused with all kinds of product placement. Sigh.


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