Trans Woman Inclusivity Project at Smith College

by Emily Junea, cross-posted on Feministing Community

Hello! I’m posting here to seek contacts for a project the Transcending Gender organization at Smith College is working on.

Currently, the Smith College admissions policy doesn’t outright exclude trans women, but it does require that applicants have all their submitted legal documentation identify them as female. For many trans women, especially high school age trans women, this is difficult or impossible to do. The result is that Smith has only had one trans woman attend the college and continues to discriminate against transgender women.

Our goal for this project is to change Smith’s current admissions policy. After consulting with our lawyer, we decided that the best way to go about this was to challenge the policy on a case basis. We have contacted a few trans women who are interested in attending women’s colleges, but would like to contact more. If you are or if someone you know is a trans woman interested in attending Smith (or another women’s college), and would like to be involved, please contact us! I’m reachable as and can forward your e-mail to the group as a whole.


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