Monday Mix – Family Matters

I was up in Austin last week visiting my old roommate/movie and music buddy.  She’s in a mix CD group; they pick a theme every month, then meet somewhere cool to swap with one another.  As I was leaving, she handed me a novel and a copy of her mix; the theme was “family.”  When I mail her back her novel later this week, this is the family-themed mix I’ll be mailing her as well:

  1. Gogol Bordello – American Wedding
  2. Art Brut – My Little Brother
  3. Of Montreal – So Begins Our Alabee
  4. Scissor Sisters – Take Your Mama Out
  5. Neko Case – This Tornado Loves You
  6. Martha Wainwright – Bloody Mother Fucking Asshole
  7. The White Stripes – The Hardest Button to Button
  8. The Decemberists – The Rake’s Song
  9. Antony & the Johnsons – You Are My Sister (ft. Boy George)
  10. PJ Harvey – Down by the Water
  11. The Offspring – The Kids Aren’t Alright
  12. Tori Amos – ‘97 Bonnie and Clyde
  13. Sleater-Kinney – Sympathy
  14. Wolf Parade – You Are A Runner and I Am My Father’s Son
  15. Rufus Wainwright – Little Sister

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I love donuts. Chocolate iced, hold the sprinkles.
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