Monday Link Love

Latina Lista: Historic low Latina teen pregnancy rates send hopeful message

It never made a whole lot of sense that while more Latinas aspired, went and graduated from college than their male counterparts, they still had the dubious distinction of ranking the highest among all girls when it came to U.S. teen pregnancy rates. The obvious response is that some girls were getting the message and others weren’t. True. But now there’s proof that something must have filtered through to those other girls.

Flip Flopping Joy: good news…

Ricky Martin came out. Yes, yes, I know we’re supposed to be sooo not shocked, etc. But for me, to see a Latino man admit to and embrace vulnerability–to admit that his love for his kids changed him for the better, to admit that love dominates his life and motivates his actions–was so incredibly liberating for me.

Small Strokes: Standard English Privilege and the Literate Argument

When we discount people and their arguments because of their command (or lack thereof) of grammar, what we are really saying is: Your thoughts are useless because you don’t use the kind of grammar I’ve come to expect from literate people on the internet.  What we are also saying is far worse: You don’t have the privilege to have learned the “correct” way of writing or speaking, and, therefore, your ideas are worthless.

NPR: Spreading Digital Revolution In A Cuban Living Room

Twice a week, Yoani Sanchez transforms the living room of her small Havana high-rise apartment into what she calls the Blogger Academy. About 30 students cram inside to learn how to use WordPress, Wikipedia and the other tools of a digital revolution that Cuba’s government views warily.

AOL News: Wis. DA Threatens Arrest for Local Sex-Ed Teachers

A Wisconsin district attorney is urging schools to drop their sex-education programs, warning that the teachers involved could be arrested if they follow a new state law requiring them to instruct students on how to use condoms and other contraceptives.

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Feminist Teacher: “I Constantly Innovate My Teaching”: Jaime Escalante Dies, Vision Endures

Diesel Bookstore: How to Impress Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

NY Daily News: Elian Gonzalez, 10 Years Later

Times-Picayune: Officer testifies in Hurricane Katrina murder case

Blag Hag: Atheist Barbie

Racialicious: How The Left Enables the Right’s Racism: The Obama Rape Comic

Bird of Paradox: New York: woman murdered for being a woman

Mail Online: Abuse hotline set up by Catholic Church in Germany melts on first day

The Curvature: Convicted Rapist Hopes His Victims Will Learn to Lock Their Doors

dotathampshire: Blogging for Feminism at the CLPP conference


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  1. prof susurro says:

    once again, a really exciting list of articles! I’m already moving around my tedious Monday morning tasks to read them. 🙂

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