Haiti IV

Tracking Haiti Aid (via RFK Center for Justice and Human Rights):

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Adopt-a-tude: Haitian Adoptees: The Problem with “Why Not?”

[T]he Globe‘s photo spread, video, and story by Maria Sacchetti—“Joy, Frustration Brought Home”—raise big questions for me, too, because of all that isn’t said or shown. This front-page feature, more than all the press about those criminally ignorant Baptists, exemplifies the cognitive dissonance that’s part of transracial adoption.  Why is the white-savior storyline so entrenched? And why is it so hard for the “objective” journalistic voice to talk about race?

NY Times: In Haiti, Mental Health System Is in Collapse

Inside this city’s earthquake-cracked psychiatric hospital, a schizophrenic man lay naked on a concrete floor, caked in dust. Other patients, padlocked in tiny concrete cells, clutched the bars and howled for attention. Feces clotted the gutter outside a ward where urine pooled under metal cots without mattresses.  Walking through the dilapidated public hospital, Dr. Franklin Normil, the acting director, who has worked there for five months without pay, shook his head in despair.

MSNBC: Haiti quake may be major setback for HIV fight

Haiti’s HIV infection rate had begun declining among young people before the quake threw its health system into chaos, demolishing clinics and depriving HIV patients of essential medicines.

The Daily Beast: Haiti’s Rape Crisis

I wondered where women washed, changed sanitary pads and fed their babies, as these shelters so obviously provided no privacy. As we parked our car, my first question at least was answered: a young woman, naked from the waist down was trying to wash herself. I was conscious of many young men watching her.

Naomi Klein: Haiti: A Creditor, Not a Debtor

Our debt to Haiti stems from four main sources: slavery, the US occupation, dictatorship and climate change. These claims are not fantastical, nor are they merely rhetorical. They rest on multiple violations of legal norms and agreements. Here, far too briefly, are highlights of the Haiti case.

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Global Research: The Haitian Disaster in a Historical Context

Like a Whisper: Please Don’t Forget Haiti

NY Times: Countless Lost Limbs Alter Life in Haiti’s Ruins

Paste Magazine: Paste Launches “Songs for Haiti” Campaign with 200+ Artists

Chicago Tribune: Separated by quake, father, daughter reunited

Salon: Who cares about Haiti’s college kids?

Times Online: Britain turns off Haiti aid and delivers a snub to New York donor conference

NY Times: Rushed From Haiti, Then Jailed for Lacking Visas

Vulture: Haiti Fund-Raiser at Carnegie Hall Mainly Benefits Carnegie Hall

Resist Racism: Humanitarian parole

The Guardian: How the US can help Haiti

Dubya wipes hand on Clinton’s shirt after shaking hands with Haitians:


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