Please no.

According to Vulture, James Franco has been accepted into Yale University’s English Ph.D. program.

If you were (un)fortunate enough to read his godawful short story in Esquire, I think you’ll agree with me when I say, “Uhhhh…how???”  Seriously, people.  Any attraction I felt towards him died upon reading that mess.  It was that bad.


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4 Responses to Please no.

  1. prof susurro says:

    Yale like many of the ivies understand that there is a certain cache in celebrity. At the same time, if he does poorly in class it is unlikely he will get a pass no matter who he is.

  2. marybullstonecraft says:

    I can’t decide if my favorite phrase is “the building is beige, but the shadows make it shadow-color” or “he breathes his smoke out the black gaping gap.”

  3. Melissa says:

    Those were my personal favorites as well!

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