Monday Link Love: Health Care Reform

Reclusive Leftist: Obama supporters are easy to fool

These people will believe anything. Like yesterday. Healthcare for Men passed because President Obama issued an Executive Order endorsing and enforcing the sweeping anti-abortion Nelson amendment provisions in the bill. The White House’s amazingly effective mind-control tactic to obscure what was happening was to use the words “longstanding” and “status quo” throughout the language of the Order and the accompanying press statement. No change here, nope. Longstanding…status quo…you’re getting sleeeeeepy….

Feministing: President Obama agrees to sign anti-choice executive order

[A]ccess to abortion is already severely limited for low income women. With health reform and this executive order those barriers will be expanded to all women who cannot afford to pay for abortions out of pocket. The terrible status quo is not being maintained – instead, restrictions to abortion access are being expanded. The only exceptions in the executive order are in the case of rape, incest, or if the woman’s life is endangered. There are no exceptions for the woman’s health or for fetal anomalies.

Gawker: Meet the Obama Death Tweeter Who Will Be Arrested Today

[H]ere’s another Twitter user helping to keep the Secret Service busy with his own death threats. According to his Facebook page, Jay Martin graduated from Vatterott College last year with an IT degree and currently resides in Federal Way, WA. His About Me Page says: “Socially aware, Deep thinker, Artistic, Hip Hop Aficionado, free thinker, Funny Guy.” Oh, and he really, seriously, honestly, wants to kill President Barack Obama.

Historiann: History was made, and You Are There!

Does anyone else remember seeing those old Walter Cronkite TV shows that showed him reporting on historical events as though he were covering it live on TV called “You Are There?” (I really dug those. Go figure!) Well, in the spirit of Uncle Walter–in the great “Health” “Care” “Reform” passage of 2009-2010, remember: You Are There!

AngryBlackBitch: On shock and tolerance…

A bitch is not surprised that shit got nasty as the health care reform bill came up for a vote nor am I surprised that assholes hurled those slurs. I’m not shocked. This behavior is product of the tolerance movement in America and regular readers know that a bitch isn’t a fan of the school of tolerance. Tolerance is a shitty contract between the privileged and the oppressed.

Jezebel: Pelosi’s Victory On Health Care May Not Win Over Women

Last night, after a year of wrangling, Nancy Pelosi accomplished what Hillary Clinton and countless others could not: passing comprehensive health care reform. Almost everyone seems to be singing her praises. But should they?

Shakesville: In Which I Admire Healthcare Reform from Under the Bus

The dude who yelled “baby killer!” is R-TX Rep. Randy Neugebauer. Sigh.

Crooks and Liars: Ten immediate benefits of HCR

The LA Times breaks down what HCR could mean for you in chart form.

Sociological Images: Public Opinion on Who Will Benefit From Health Care Reform

Jezebel: “Baby Killer:” Or, How The Abortion Health Care Compromise Pisses Off Everyone

Reuters: US healthcare bill would provide immediate benefits

Feministing: House passes health reform bill

Business Week: Twelve States Plan Lawsuit Over Obama Health Overhaul


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