Using a Natural Sponge, 1976

I am a bad person.

I have a MA in Women’s History, I spend a lot of my time throughout the year being nerdy and reading all I can about women’s history, and yet I have written nary a WHM-related post this entire month.  I have this (non-WHM) post that’s been percolating in my head for the past couple of weeks now, but am too chickenshit to actually write/post it due to its personal nature.  And so I am at an impasse every time I sit at the computer.


I’m currently re-reading one of my fave women’s history books, Dear Sisters: Dispatches from the Women’s Liberation Movement.  It’s a collection of primary sources (speeches, cartoons, manifestos, etc.) from the second wave.  This is one of my favorite illustrations in the book (click to enlarge):

Oh, and psssst…parts of this book are available for browsing on Google Books.


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