Several Hollywood Videos in my area are going out of business, so their entire stock is on sale.  Old movies are 3 for $10, new releases are $7, and newish movies are $4-5.  I got paid on Friday and I’m a total movie whore, so you can see where this is heading…

My loot:

  1. Breaking the Waves by Lars von Trier (one of my favorite movies ever, and one that recently went out of print)
  2. Lagaan (been on my Netflix queue for years because it’s out of print)
  3. Water by Deepa Mehta (I’m becoming quite a Mehta fan)
  4. The Girl in the Cafe (love, love, love this movie)
  5. The Diving Bell and the Butterfly by Julian Schnabel (ditto)
  6. Lust, Caution by Ang Lee (ditto again)
  7. Dark Habits by Pedro Almodovar
  8. Hairspray (John Waters version, not the godawful newer one)
  9. The new Star Trek
  10. Julie and Julia
  11. The Duchess
  12. Burn After Reading

Now if I can just find a copy of the original Planet of the Apes


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I love donuts. Chocolate iced, hold the sprinkles.
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One Response to Score!

  1. Sanguinity says:

    You got a copy of Lagaan? Score!

    Also, I didn’t know it was out of print!

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