Quote of the Day

State Board of Education member Mary Helen Berlanga, before walking out of the Texas curriculum voting session:

I’ve done all I can do today, folks. I’ve listened, tried to work with you, given you names, come back with new amendments to satisfy everyone — and nothing works. You complained about the lists (of Hispanic figures) being too long … And now it looks like you’re able to put in the names all of these people, God knows who they are.  So I’ve had it … I’m leaving for the evening. Everyone can go ahead and remove the Tejanos who died at the Alamo and we can all pretend that we live in white America and Hispanics don’t exist.


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  1. Quote of the day

    Thanks for this.
    I meander on in that post. But I did link back to you.

    I saw your post linked to in shakesville.

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