Monday Link Love

Feminist Peace Network: Her Story–Writing Women Back Into History

Today we begin the annual month-long celebration of women’s history. During the last few decades there has in recent years been a sea-change in the amount of information about women’s lives and our past that is readily available. Despite centuries of concerted patriarchal effort, the story of women is slowly becoming fully visible. But there is still much more to be done until we can truly see the full measure of women’s lives throughout the ages.

Racewire: How Do We Talk About Police Brutality When The Cops Aren’t White?

Yesterday, the verdict in the trial involving three New York police officers accused of abusing a young man of color was announced. Without even knowing the particulars of the case—say, for instance, that one of the police officers in question allegedly abused a man named Michael Mineo with a baton, which led the other two cops to orchestrate a cover-up—you probably know exactly what the jury decided yesterday.

Sepia Mutiny: He’s a Terrorist. Just say it. Terrorist. For F*%k sake!

You see, the very definition of terrorism has changed, right beneath our feet. A man with strong ideological beliefs against the government of the United States tries (and succeeds) to kill himself and take as many civilians (federal workers) as he can with him. But they don’t call it terrorism. That sacrosanct term is now reserved only for non-white people with funny sounding names. Preferably Muslim.

A Radical Profeminist: The Male “P” Spot: Why het men are so afraid to discover their own bodies’ capacities for pleasure, from a sex organ that ISN’T a penis

Has anyone, anywhere, seen a medical illustration of the prostate gland and men’s other sexual organs depicted with the prostate being touched and the penis erect? Why not? And why do these diagrams only exist to promote “checking for cancer”? Talk about stigmatising an organ! Do men think of women’s breasts only as “things that may get cancer”? Are women’s breasts presented to the public only as potentially in need of removal? No.

What Tami Said: Uncovering my “soul”

When I eat soul food, it inevitably jogs some memory like the ones above…There is something, also, about this food that makes me feel embraced and comforted. Maybe because, like generations of black women, my mother (and her mother before her) demonstrates her love and cares for her family through cooking…As my husband and I talked about black comfort food, I realized that my stepchildren, nieces and nephews won’t know this part of our culture like I do.

ImmigrationProfBlog: Obama extends Patriot Act under the radar

Amplify Your Voice: In Utah, Miscarriage = Criminal Homicide

Zero at the Bone: Four years in a world without Octavia Butler.

Muslimah Media Watch: Portrait of The Grey Lady: Aafia Siddiqui’s Construction in the Media

The Guardian/Rufus Wainwright Interview: ‘I was looking right into her face when my mother died’

Clarissa’s Blog: Why I Dislike Third-Wave Feminism

The Pursuit of Harpyness: I wonder what the girls have to do in exchange…

Poverty in America: The Food Stamp Challenge: Ingenious or Inappropriate?

Racewire: College “Ghetto-Themed” Parties: The Awful, Racist Idea That Just Won’t Die

brokeymcpoverty: on race, humor, and subjectivity.

Vs. the Pomegranate: The Unbearable Whiteness of Being

Video Love: The American Virgin: What do we mean when we say sex?

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