A text convo between friends

Me: World’s Greatest Dad, Good Dick, A Serious Man, Lust Caution. Start with Good Dick. And have you seen Secretary?

Her: Mel…what the heck did your message mean?  I didn’t get it…

Me: Lol! Those were Netflix suggestions!

Her: Ha! I thought you were trying to tell me good qualities in a man…greatest dad, serious, cautious about his feelings of lust, good dick.  LOL.  And then I thought you completely changed subjects and were asking if I’d seen [the bitch secretary at her place of employment]!

Me: LOL!! Niiiiiice.

*giggles* These are my friends, man… 😉

But seriously, remember a few weeks ago when I asked what a non-stereotypical, non-sexist mainstream romantic comedy would look like?  If you threw in big name actors, Good Dick could be a move in the right direction toward mainstream, awesome romcoms.  It’s darker and heavier than I thought it would be, but it’s also surprisingly funny and refreshing.

What’s more, the 28 year old lead actress, Marianna Palka, was also the writer/director!  I can’t wait to see more from her in the future!


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