Call to Artists – Hybridity: American Unity

The Latino Museum via Tex[t]-Mex


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One Response to Call to Artists – Hybridity: American Unity

  1. Ramiro Valle says:

    Valle’s integrative, digital paintings are surreal and evoke a sense of timelessness. The viewer becomes lost in the rich backgrounds and mazes that create infinite worlds within each piece. Techno brushwork characterizes Valle’s technique- he gracefully combines the technology of digital imaging with an artist’s sensitivity for his medium. Each painting starts with an original photograph that has been converted into a digital image. Through the computer, Valle literally paints over his photograph, the digital enhancements act as elements of mixed media applied on top of the initial composition. Only portions of the photograph remain untouched by the artists brush, thus coaxing the viewer to search for clues as if solving the mystery of Valle’s visual world. – Mary Pomerantz

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