Dear Gérard Depardieu

You know I love you and your butt nose, right?  I’m being serious here.  I will totally sit and watch The Man in the Iron Mask because I think you are all kinds of awesome in that movie (okay, you and my Jeremy, before he went all rape apologist on our asses).

But I must question your role in L’Autre Dumas.

I realize that attaching your name to this film will probably garner it more attention and more box office cash, but the filmmakers completely missed out on a great opportunity to educate the public about Dumas’ background.

Take my clueless self, for instance: until I read about this controversy, I soooooo did not know that Dumas was the grandson of a Hatian slave.  I just thought he was some famous, dead, white French author.  (Totally dense, I know.)

Painting yourself orange is not going to fool anyone.  You are white.  Dumas was a light-skinned black man.  Keith Urban Orange ≠ black.  It’s just offensive.




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One Response to Dear Gérard Depardieu

  1. Jonah says:

    Well, to be fair, he was about as black as Malcolm Gladwell, who, other than his awesome ‘fro, doesn’t appear black.

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