Weekend Link Love

Courtroom Mama: Ambivalence about motherhood: a criminal act?

According to Ms. Taylor, she was crying and hyperventilating after a distressing conversation with her estranged huband, and fell down a flight of stairs. Although paramedics said she was fine, she went to the emergency room out of concern for her fetus. While there, she admitted to hospital personnel that she had not wanted to be pregnant and had considered adoption and abortion rather than raising a third child as a single mother. Read this slowly: she was arrested and jailed for being ambivalent about her pregnancy.

Broadsheet: What Michelle Obama’s childhood obesity project gets wrong

Dear Mrs. Obama…my issues are with how you’re framing this as a strategy to “solve the epidemic of childhood obesity within a generation,” rather than to improve health and well-being across the board, and whipping up fear and disgust of the very fat children you’re supposedly trying to help.

Women’s Glib: Intersectionality Snowday: A Feminist Teacher Revolution!

Here’s the thing: academic feminism can get so wrapped up in theories and generalizations that it gets disconnected from reality. That reality is that women and men experience sexism conditionally, based on all the intersections of their lives – their personal lives. The academic must be personal in order get young women and young men down with concepts they can relate to.

The Curvature: Deaf Woman Was Not Told Her Cancer Was Terminal

I’ve heard a lot of heartbreaking and enraging stories in my lifetime, but this still manages to rank pretty highly up there. Health care providers never gave a woman with cancer and her husband, both of whom were deaf, a repeatedly requested interpreter. And thus, they weren’t told for three months that she was dying.

Vegans of Color: Vegan cookbooks: helping folks eat the Other

Has anyone else noticed that a staple of many a vegan cookbook is a recipe for African Peanut Stew or African Yam Stew or something similar? I’ve also seen (though less frequently) recipes for, say, Asian-Style Tofu or whatever. I cannot recall ever seeing a cookbook featuring anything like European Bean Soup. Is it because to most vegan cookbook authors/food bloggers, it would be preposterous to assume that there is anything universal or overarching about the many countries that make up Europe, or their cuisines?

Like a Whisper: BHM: Lucille Clifton

*swoon* You Ain’t No Picasso has compiled an archive of Decemberists covers!  This is almost as exciting as their archive of Of Montreal covers!

HipHop Wired: Autistic Woman Raped In Broad Daylight; No One Stops To Help

Womanist Musings: What Counts as a Disability?

Festival Watch: Does South by Southwest Ignore Mexican-American Music?

Girl with Pen: Why Won’t Boys “Break a leg” on Stage?

The Kenyon Review: Of Avatars, Of Bodies, Of Heroes – Part 1

Racialicious: Race, Disability and Denial

What Tami Said: A long, long time ago…when we were slaves

Race Card: Oscars Continue to Ignore Asian Americans and U.S.-Born Latinos

Echidne of the Snakes: FOF: Fear Of Feminism

Video Love: Woman’s Last Stand: A response to that ridiculous Dodge Charger commercial that aired during the Super Bowl


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