Asshole(s) of the Day: Southwest Airlines

I currently have several possible Assholes to choose from, but since I love Kevin Smith and finally saw Chasing Amy a couple days ago (loved it/will buy it), I’ll go with this one first:

Apparently, Kevin was asked to get off a Southwest Airlines flight on Saturday night after he’d already boarded and sat down.  The reason?  He was too fat:

This isn’t the first time that Southwest has been in the news for sizeism (not to mention sexual harassment).  They were sued in 2004 for humiliating and harassing Trina Blake in front of other passengers during a 2003 flight, and several stories of harassment easily appear on a Google search.  The company has long since been charging (and threatening to charge) overweight customers for two seats.

Judging by Kevin’s last two tweets listed above (in which the airline harassed another woman seated nearby for not buying two seats), the airline regularly engages in this form of harassment.

You can read Southwest’s “Customer of Size” Q & A in full here.  Among my favorites:

If a Customer has broad shoulders, will he/she have to buy a second seat?
Again, if a Customer cannot lower the armrests, the additional purchase is necessary. Simply having broad shoulders would not necessarily prevent another Customer from occupying adjoining seat. The upper body can be adjusted, but the portion of the body in the actual seating and armrest area doesn’t have this flexibility.

…*snort*  Yeah. Because if you have mega-wide shoulders, you can rotate 45 degrees and sit facing the person next to you.  I’m sure they wouldn’t find that creepy or anything…it’s just the fatties we hate.

Eyeroll.  Buncha jerks…


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