RIP Alexander McQueen

I’m very much a fall-out-of-bed-and-throw-on-a-t-shirt-and-jeans (and maybe comb my hair) kind of girl, and my shoes of choice tend to be really old worn down flip flops.  So it sometimes surprises people—my sister in particular—when I ooh and ahh over collections during Fashion Week, or that I know random things, like the fact that Jean-Paul Gaultier designed all of the costumes for The Cook, The Thief, His Wife, and Her Lover.

Designer Alexander McQueen died today of apparent suicide, and I’m crushed.  He was only 40 years old.  His designs were art, and I’ve long considered him one of my favorite designers.  His Fall 2009 show at Paris Fashion Week was one of my favorites ever.  If I were ever to drop a load of cash on designer shoes, I would eschew the Manolos and Louboutins and go for these controversial McQueen “hooves” instead:

Also from the October 2009 Paris fashion show:

I love the gorgeous color on this dress from his pre-Fall ’09 collection:

And this strange, yet romantic gown from 2006:

He wasn’t afraid to be weird, or scary, or playful, or controversial.  Fashion Week won’t be the same without him.


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One Response to RIP Alexander McQueen

  1. margaret scrivener says:

    alexander mcqueeen was and still is my all time fashion desghner icon he was creative outragess and alway swent out with a bang he made creations and put them on the catwalk that most other desighners till him would be too scared to do he took years to get into the bigtime and had it all he was and amazing man and a great loss the fashion wold will never ever forget him. i knmow i wont!!!

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