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Reclusive Leftist: Super Bowl = Patriarchy

I’m aware of the impending Super Bowl at all is because of the hilariously offensive anti-abortion ad sponsored by Focus on the Family. (It’s hilarious to me, at least; personally I long for an ad in which a mother explains how she was advised to get an abortion and refused — and now her grown son is a serial killer. If only I’d aborted the little creep!) Some muddled souls are saying that this ad is about “choice,” but it’s not. It’s about patriarchy.

Jezebel: Attention, Everyone: Please Stop Writing Girl’s Guides To The Super Bowl

My lack of football enthusiasm doesn’t come from the fact that I have a vagina, it’s because I grew up in a baseball household and football was just never interesting to me, as it was never something my family really made a big deal of or something I connected to personally. That said, I have several female friends who live and breathe football, and several male friends who are just as disinterested in it as I am: so why are all the idiot’s guides to the Super Bowl aimed at the ladies?

Flip Flopping Joy: a name will come later

~Gloria Anzaldua~ She had diabetes. And I remember being mad, so mad, when died. Diabetes is preventable, first of all, and second of all, it’s manageable. Everybody in my family who is my parents generation or older has it. And some struggle to contain it, but they all do…Why do we expect–why did *I* expect–Gloria, one of our stars, my star, to deal with the effects of racism and sexism and nationalism and heteroviolence–all by herself? Why was I so angry that she “didn’t take better care of herself?”

stuff white people do: wonder why there’s no “white history month”

It’s February First, so I can sincerely say — Happy Black History Month! I’ve met a lot of white people who don’t ever say that, or if they do, they’re not being sincere. Sometimes, I hear white people wonder aloud instead — or more often, grumble aloud — “Why do black people get to have their own history month, and white people don’t?”

Genderbitch: Intent! It’s Fucking Magic!

Today, someone said a slur. It actually doesn’t matter what slur it was, because you see, he didn’t intend to hurt anyone and therefore it couldn’t possibly be a slur. Much like how intent magically protects the actions of all privileged fuckjobs, intent means that anything you say, no matter how many groups it hurts…it mystically negates all of that.

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The L Magazine: The Blind Side: Precious’ Slow Country Cousin

Sepia Mutiny: My FB doppelganger…my…self?

The Advocate: Trans Woman Sues, Accuses NFL Player of Rape

What Tami Said: Celebrate Black History Month by researching your own black history

Women & Hollywood: Interview with Temple Grandin

Check out the LatiNegr@s blog!

Like a Whisper: Do You See What I see?: The Black Herstory Month Edition

Sociological Images: Re-Racializing the Fortune Cookie

The Pursuit of Harpyness: Possibly the Creepiest Fucking Thing Ever

Feministing: Another Athlete Speaks Against Anti-Choice Super Bowl Ad

Planned Parenthood’s response to the Tebow ad set to air during the Superbowl:


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One Response to Weekend Link Love

  1. 152 says:

    Great stuff. Two things I disagree with.
    Diabetes is preventable? We live in a country where 95% of the food we consume contains some form of corn. The human body was not designed to digest that much sugar, yet it’s pretty hard to steer clear of it, even when you choose to. I get that the post was meant to be political, but there are too many factors involved to make this argument work.
    And on slurs. This one always upsets me. Not only do good people say stupid things sometimes, but you absolutely must take intent into consideration. Rahm used the “R” word justifiably. Rush, Beck, and Palin; in response to his “crime”, were absolutely not justified.
    I love the post, and your blog, just had to point those things out.

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