Johnny. JOHNNY. WTF?!!

via The Independent

However, he wasn’t shy in voicing his dismay about the arrest of film-maker Roman Polanski on a 30-year-old statutory rape charge. In 1999, Polanski directed him in The Ninth Gate.

“Why now?” Depp asked rhetorically. “Obviously, there is something going on somewhere. Somebody has made a deal with someone. Maybe there was a little money involved, but why now?” Polanski, Depp continued, “is not a predator. He’s 75 or 76 years old. He has got two beautiful kids, he has got a wife that he has been with for a long, long time. He is not out on the street.”

Great, Johnny.  As if Polanski’s age and the fact that he’s not “out on the street” negate the fact that he’s a rapist.



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7 Responses to Johnny. JOHNNY. WTF?!!

  1. Julian says:

    Double ugh. Of course Depp was in one of the most racist movies I’ve ever seen: one of those Pirates of the Carib. movies: so freakin’ racist (“Savages” worshiping a white guy, and, yes, then… a DOG! And darker ppl being killed right and left, while whitey lives.) I wanted to SCREAM. And that whole franchise is built on top of… a ride at Disney World! So, um, my respect for him dimmed considerable then, and now, well, that flicker just went out.

  2. prof susurro says:

    I assume this is why twitter declared Johnny Depp dead today. I was trying to figure that out while navigating traffic, this clears it all up.

  3. mschicklet says:

    WOW! He is speaking from a place SO detached from reality. So much wrong with this…. 1) People in their 70s can’t be predators? WOW. 2) Men with kids and a wife can’t be predators??

    That second part hits really close to home because my second rapist was happily married for 20 years and had two young children. That didn’t stop him from harming me! I’m sure I’m not the only victim with a similar experience!

    I expected way way more from Johnny Depp. This whole Polanski thing has really shown me who the rape apologists are in Hollywood. This is incredibly heartbreaking.

  4. EnolaAlone says:

    Why,oh why do so many people wring their hands over poor,poor Polanski?
    The man is an unrepentant rapist,so much so that he states in his autobiography that his victim totally wanted and liked it!The reason he is on trial now is not that “somebody made a deal with someone” (nice consiracy lunacy here,Johnny!) but that he had been successfully running from the law for 30 years and eventually became careless.He announced his appearance at that Swiss film festival months in advance,giving the authorities sufficient time for alll the necessary paperwork for arrest and extraction.He has no-one to blame but himself.

  5. Julian says:


    I so agree with you. This whole story has been like spraying something into a room that forces out the roaches. And we watch them all crawl out, and reveal themselves. And how startling it is to see how many of them we have known and respected. Only to find out they’ll go out of their way to speak up FOR a rapist.

    I mean they could just shut up on the matter. But those who are speaking out in defense of ol’ Roman, who, as you well note, is not incapable of molesting or incesting anyone. And never was.

  6. jeanne says:

    Oh, no… I’d remembered that Johnny was in that piece of sh*t “Ninth Gate”, directed by Polanski, and hoped that his (up to now) silence on the subject of Polanski’s arrest was prompted by… oh, I don’t know… the fact that HE HAS A DAUGHTER HE ADORES?!?!? And just maybe he wouldn’t be down with Polanski drugging and raping someone else’s daughter????

    Sorry, Johnny, but I can’t love you anymore. It’s not me, IT’S YOU.

  7. mschicklet says:

    And with Alice in Wonderland coming out just a month from now. Not good publicity for the movie (that up until now I was actually excited about). Not good at all, Johnny.

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