Friday Link Love

Blogeando: Latinos Are Blogging, Are you Engaging Them?

Depending on the source, there is anywhere from 5.4 percent to 7.5 percent more Hispanic bloggers than whites in the U.S. The gap is due to the “liberating” effects of new technology, the skill set that online adroitness offers working-class Latinos and stay-at-home moms, and the longstanding cultural value on collectivism over individualism. Texas D.A. Prosecutes Girl, 13, For Prostitution While Her Pimp, 32, Walks

A Harris County District had a major justice FAIL recently when he prosecuted a 13-year-old girl for prostitution, despite the fact that she’s legally a human trafficking victim and not old enough to consent to sex. And her 32-year-old “boyfriend” (aka pimp) who was having sex with her and likely facilitated her prostitution? Well, he walked off free and clear.

Jezebel: Weigh Less, Pay Less: Whole Foods Offers Discount Based On BMI

If your BMI is above 30, you’ll get to keep the original 20% employee discount, but you’ll paying more than your thinner co-workers, who can knock as much as 30% off. Because if public health research has taught us anything, it’s that reducing people’s buying power totally makes them healthier. Stay classy, Whole Foods.

La Frontera Times: Supreme Court Refuses to Hear Latino Farmers Discrimination Case

The Supreme Court has refused to hear the Garcia v. Vilsack case, a lawsuit field by Mexican American farmers decades ago charging discrimination in lending and other benefit programs. The suit has lagged, neglected by government representatives, which have used legal technicalities to bar settlement. Here’s the single, most important issue about this case: No one denies that the discrimination happened.

The Escapist: Vaginophobia: Fear of Women in Gaming

According to the ESA, 40% of people playing games are women. There are almost twice as many women over the age of eighteen who play games than there are boys under the age of seventeen. And yet only one in every ten game developers is a woman, while the ranks of videogame journalists skew heavily male, as does the audience that reads their work.

Remember that school district took away dictionaries because they contained the term “oral sex?”  They’re putting the dictionaries back, but parents will have the option to choose whether or not they want their kids to have access. *headdesk*

Sociological Images: Lady Gaga’s Disability Project

masum: Women’s Rights Worldwide in 2009: Some Steps Back, Some Steps Forward

No Border Wall: The Border Wall’s Ongoing Environmental Toll

Jezebel: Ladies First: Women React To State Of The Union Address

Small Strokes: Teaching Everyday Activism Part 1 and Part 2

Racialicious: Independent Bookstore Restricts Spanish Speaking Outside of “Dishwasher Area”

Slate: Open the Shut Case: Why is KBR so afraid of letting Jamie Leigh Jones have her day in court? [trigger warning]

Conversations for a Better World: Peru: Young women victimized during civil war await justice years later

Race Card: Corinne Bailey Rae and Zadie Smith Navigate Race and Art

Chris Matthews forgets Obama is black:


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