Tuesday Link Love

Women & Hollywood: Defending Mo’Nique

One of the ongoing narratives of this awards season has been about Mo’Nique.  About how great her performance is, and also about how supposedly ungrateful she is because she hasn’t been criss-crossing the country to gather all her accolades.

The Sexist: Rape Victims vs. Prison Rape Victims

Broadsheet: Is forced sterilization ever OK?

It’s much harder to set aside classism, ableism, disdain for women who have sex with more men than we might think appropriate and scorn for “bad mommies” to declare unequivocally that what they did to Tessa Savicki — assuming it’s proven — was wrong. But we must. If anything’s a black-and-white issue, this is it: You don’t sterilize people against their will.

Latina Lista: New Pew survey reveals Latinos’ hopes for change under Obama are fading

Ever since the Latino population began to gain numbers in the United States, an unspoken camaraderie…because many of the discriminating and racial struggles impacting blacks also impacted Latinos and competition to see which group could ascend these obstacles first.  For these reasons, it’s always been unspoken that Latinos and blacks had more in common than had differences. Yet, the Pew survey revealed the opposite.

Screenshot: Why it may not matter whether a woman ever hosts Late Night

The lack of women hosts in late-night TV is somewhat baffling if you take the perspective that a show might reflect its audience somehow. Here’s a look at TV-watching demographics: Letterman’s audience is almost 55% female, Leno’s is approximately 53% and O’Brien’s 50%; women have made huge inroads on morning talk shows and evening news casts; more women watch TV than men.

BrownGirl Speaks – Book Speak: Diversity Roll Call: Best of 2009

Jezebel: Hofstra Meets Homecoming: A Richmond Teen’s False Rape Allegation

TransGriot: Can A Media Sistah Do Her Job Without Being Labeled Trans, Ugly Or An Affirmative Action Hire?

Womanist Musings: Indigenous peoples and H1N1 deaths

The Sanctuary: Using Twitter as a Pro-Migrant Tool

On My New Pink Button vagina dye: I, Asshole has a review! My New Pink Scam

Femmalia: Idealize This | Feminism

Sapphic Salon: Sex and Misogyny in the Publishing World

Adventures in Feministory: I Spy… Sarah Emma Edmonds

Feministing: What antis say about their time spent harassing women outside clinics


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