A Revolution of Values

We live in chaos, uncertain about the possibility of building and sustaining community.  The public figures who speak the most to us about a return to old-fashioned values…are most committed to maintaining systems of domination—racism, sexism, class exploitation, and imperialism.  They promote a perverse version of freedom that makes it synonymous with materialism. […]

Forget about the fact that capitalism requires the existence of a mass underclass of surplus labor.  Lying takes the form of mass media creating the myth that [the] feminist movement has completely transformed society, so much so that the politics of patriarchal power have been inverted and that men, particularly white men, just like emasculated black men, have become the victims of dominating women…When this collective cultural consumption of and attachment to misinformation is coupled with the layers of lying individuals do in their personal lives, our capacity to face reality is severely diminished as is our will to intervene and change unjust circumstances.

–bell hooks, Teaching to Transgress: Education as the Practice of Freedom, p. 27-29


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3 Responses to A Revolution of Values

  1. Julian says:

    Gotta love bell hooks!!!

    That is SO WELL SAID!!! And I’m’a gonna copy and paste that quote and maybe highlight it on my blog.

    About ten or more years ago, I spent a whole summer reading only bell’s work, and a wonderful summer it was: of nodding in appreciation, of exclaiming YES!!!, and of gaining deeper insights and making more connections between white supremacy, capitalism, and patriarchy. (And there’s more bell hooks for me to read.) Thanks so much for posting that! It has made my day.

  2. Melissa says:

    this is a pretty good book. i think the only book of hers i’ve encountered that i could not get through was “all about love” (it just felt WAY too new-agey).

  3. Julian says:

    Hi Melissa,

    Yes, just about everyone I know feels that way too!! I did read it but it’s not in my top ten “hooks books”. I love “Yearning”–that’s one of my favorites. And for any movie buff, “Reel To Real”.

    “Teaching to Transgress” and “Outlaw Culture” are next on my list. So if you write a review of T2T, I’m all ears, er, eyes!

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