David, David, David…WTF?

Not cool.

h/t Joe. My. God. (although the comments leave much to be desired)

UPDATE: Here is the Late Show’s contact info.


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2 Responses to David, David, David…WTF?

  1. Ray says:

    Oh my literal God.

  2. Julian says:

    This is at least as heterosexist, misogynistic, and homophobic, as it is transphobic, in my view. Because basically the message, the JOKE, is that Dave’s of course straightwhitedude cohort found this stereotypically, patriarchally, racistly attractive white-appearing woman attractive–what with that makeup and that long hair and all those other signifiers of “attractive to white hetboys”, and that somehow him finding her attractive means (automatically in the whitehetmale imagination) that he’s had sexual contact with her. That “access was granted” of course! Because god forbid he finds out he was with someone who once, at some point in the past, had a dick. THAT’S homophobia and transphobia. And god knows he wouldn’t have found his way to her body if she hadn’t had the makeup and the long hair and the other signifiers, or, well, the audience would find it funny if he DID have sex with a woman like THAT! That’s heterosexism, and that’s misogyny, and that’s racism. And the whole thing is fucked up and Dave needs to keep his jokes in his pants or get his ass whooped, not in a fun way.

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