Yay, Brownsville!

Some local news:  Much to my amazement, Brownsville, TX has passed a plastic bag ban that will take effect as of January 2011.  I didn’t even know this was on the table until last night.

Some crybabies commenters yesterday weren’t too happy, though:

  • “A perfect nanny city in the nanny state. It is a real success formula – identify an inanimate object that can be abused, then regulate, punish and re-educate EVERYONE, not just the abusers…Glad to see Brownsville jump on the bandwagon, and look forward to visiting the re-education gulags when they get completed.”
  • “Be another good reason to go out of Brownsville for shopping – to someone who has plastic bags. When I go to Home Depot or Lowes….I carry the merchandise out in what? Another PC bunch of BS. Our City commissioners need to have their butts kicked if they vote for thig garbage.”
  • “I’m Really starting to hate this city even more than i ever did…wow you would think we live in dallas.”
  • Hmm…I wonder if the plastic bag Gestapo will be at every checkout counter?”

I think the “you would think we live in Dallas” comment is my favorite.  Hee.


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