Monday Link Love

TransGriot: Amanda Simpson Makes History

Amanda Simpson is no stranger to making transgender history. In 2004 she won the Democratic nomination for an Arizona House of Representatives seat but narrowly lost that bid to become the first transperson elected to a state legislative body.  She made history in another way by becoming the first transgender presidential appointee.

Cockroach People: The Continuing Conquest of Native America

I remember being horrified a few years back when Wal-Mart decided to open a store near Teotihuacan less than two miles from the Pyramids of the Sun and Moon….Wal-Mart won approval for the site and was even allowed to level an area that contained a small temple.  That temple is now the Wal-Mart parking lot.

Womanist Musings: Now PeTA Loves Black Women

Nothing that PeTA has done has shown respect for women or POC and to use their images now because it suits their purposes is just more insulting behaviour.  You cannot have it both ways PeTA.  You don’t get to embrace us when it suits your purposes and then use racism and sexism to attack and shame us.

FWD/Forward: Let’s Bust Some Myths: People with disabilities just want to sue the world into compliance

Another big-name voice that’s come out against the ADA as being “bad” for people with disabilities (and the nice able-bodied folks who are totally oppressed by it) is Clint Eastwood. Strangely, Eastwood didn’t care two wits about the ADA until he was sued for his boutique hotel being inaccessible. 

Evil Slutopia: My dirty secret: I watched Brokeback Mountain

Earlier this month, a group of people filed a class action lawsuit against Netflix for releasing private information about Netflix users. One of the plaintiffs (“Jane Doe”) is described in the complaint as “a lesbian, who does not what her sexuality nor interests in gay and lesbian themed films broadcast to the world”. Much like the “Ron Livingston Sues Wikipedia For Calling Him Gay” drama…the media is having a field day with this story.

Feminist Peace Network: Top 10 Fail– Phallus Centric Lists

Passive Aggressive Notes: Don’t Feed the Cats (or the Trolls)

Jezebel: Michelle Obama Criticized For “Lack of Focus” in White House Advocacy

Tex[t]-Mex: Quinceañeras That Are Special

Sepia Mutiny: Best South Asia Books of the 2000s

Latino Like Me: They made it to 2010

New America Media: 2009: The Year of Wise Latinos

Echidne of the Snakes: The Book Wars

NY Times: The Big Lebowski and its Dude Get the Academic Treatment

stuff white people do: dismiss non-white explanations of racism as irrational

Obama Effigy Hangs in Georgia:


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