Wednesday Link Love

LA Times: The dark side of white

“Are Lebanese white people?” we asked the 71-year-old gentleman who considered himself white. “Yes,” he said, “although they’re real dark.” How about Italian Catholics; are they white? Sure. And Jews? Yes. What about the Chinese? “Yes,” he said, “they go to the white schools.” And Mexicans? “They’re becoming more white,” he said. “More of them are getting an education.”

The Thang Blog: Pregnancy and PMS

I’ve joked before that one gauge of how my girl friends perceive my gender is how often/extensively they volunteer information about their period with me. That is, over the past year, I’ve gone from only very close friends rarely or occasionally mentioning their period, to all of my close girl friends (and a few of my female coworkers) mentioning their period or PMS at some point in the past few months.

This Recording: In Which Sleep Is As Simple As Closing Your Eyes: The Waiting

If I wasn’t your girlfriend during any of these years, if I was just passing through, if you were gracious enough to let me in for a few days, weeks, you got the better deal. Because this meant that I was truly on vacation…If I wasn’t your girlfriend during any of these years, you got the honeymoon, and I hope you remember it well.

Three Rivers Fog: Why am I so damn mean?

Or maybe, it is an injustice that this issue ends up ignored by abled-feminist leaders, and it is legitimate to be angry about that, and it is legitimate to call them out on it. Maybe, they didn’t know about it. That’s just how life goes. But maybe, the reason they don’t know about it is because of the systemic devaluation of non-dominant priorities.

Times Online: Martha Wainwright: Thank God I had my baby in Britain

I had planned to try for a natural childbirth in Canada. Perhaps I was morbidly curious about my pain threshold, but I also believe that pregnancy should be viewed as positively as possible…This was a totally different ballgame. This baby had to come out, there was something wrong and he was going to be premature, but if they had to cut my head off to get him out I would have agreed.

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AKG: It’s your duty to respond well to your friend’s sexual assault disclosure

Latina Lista: Reno man creates own English book to help immigrants overcome discrimination

Gawker: Joe Francis: Gawker’s Douche of the Decade

Wheelchair Dancer: Charity, One Non-Person At A Time

Adventures in Feministory: Alice Paul: The Votes Are In

Racialicious: Race, Gender, Art, and Yoko Ono

PostBourgie: Worst Movie of the 00’s?


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