Happy Holidays from Roman Polanski

In his first communication to the outside world since his incarceration, Roman Polanski—via a letter to Bernard-Henri Lévy—sends out his holiday greetings and thanks his supporters for their solidarity:

My dear Bernard-Henri Lévy, what you have said in the Swiss press is true — I have been overwhelmed by the number of messages of support and sympathy I have received in Winterthur prison, and that I continue to receive here, in my chalet in Gstaad, where I am spending the holidays with my wife and my children.

These messages have come from my neighbours, from people all over Switzerland, and from beyond Switzerland – from across the world. I would like every one of them to know how heartening it is, when one is locked up in a cell, to hear this murmur of human voices and of solidarity in the morning mail. In the darkest moments, each of their notes has been a source of comfort and hope, and they continue to be so in my current situation.

I would like to be able to answer all of them. But it is impossible: there are too many. Do you have any suggestions as to how I could reply? Perhaps in your journal, La Règle du jeu, which has supported me from the very first day? Perhaps you could disseminate these few words I’m sending you? I don’t know. I’ll leave it up to you.

Happy holidays to you and yours — and, through you, to all of these unknown friends whom I am discovering day after day, and who have helped me so much.

My warmest regards,

Roman Polanski

Well that’s just fucking great, Roman.  Really.  We’re all soooo happy that you can work through this psychological trauma from your chalet.  Gag.


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7 Responses to Happy Holidays from Roman Polanski

  1. adagio says:

    I love how he makes sure to mention his wife and children, because we all know having a wife and children makes you physically incapable of rape. Even if you didn’t have a wife or kids yet at the time of the rape. What an entitled, delusional asshole.

  2. mschicklet says:

    That makes me so sick.

  3. Awww, poor diddums. It’s really harsh to treat him like he was a child-raper just because he raped a child, y’know. Gee. They’re only allowing him 4L of Perrier a day, and no more than a single magnum of champagne between him and his entire family! It’s heart-breaking, truly.

  4. ASDKids2 says:

    “I would like every one of them to know how heartening it is, when one is locked up in a cell, to hear this murmur of human voices and of solidarity in the morning mail.”

    A murmur of humanity and solidarity is more than his victims [known and unknown] ever received from him.

  5. Jha says:

    Fuck you, too, Roman Polanski. Ugh.

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  7. ekf says:

    He’s a regular Nelson Mandela, suffering through his prison term for weeks — WEEKS! And now the horrors of his chalet! With his family! Poor, poor auteur.

    Of course, if he’d just been a responsible adult and not fled from the criminal justice system decades ago, he wouldn’t have had to spend any time in Winterthur or under house arrest. His flowery bullshit to the now-fully-discredited Henri-Levy makes me want to puke.

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