R.I.P. Esther Chavez

via LA Times

“The voice of the woman is a reflection of her condition on Earth…Air echoes in a chest that is smaller, vibrates vocal cords that are smaller and that produce a higher, thinner sound. It requires twice the energy, twice the intensity of a man’s voice” to be heard.

“This is why I learned to shout for those who couldn’t . . . and to cry so many times for and with so many women, girls and boys whose voices and whose lives have been crushed by the impunity of our state and our nation.”

Esther Chavez, human rights activist and trailblazer in the fight against the femicide in Juarez, Mexico, passed away on Christmas morning.  In 1993, Chavez began carefully documenting the notorious murders and uncovering the trend in which women’s mutilated bodies were found dumped in the desert surrounding Juarez.  She began putting pressure on authorities and advocating for the victims’ families, since most of the victims were from distant, rural parts of Mexico and had no one to fight on their behalf.  In 1999, Chavez founded the first rape crisis center in the area, Casa Amiga, which later evolved into a domestic violence shelter for women.


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One Response to R.I.P. Esther Chavez

  1. celeste says:

    RIP Esther. You have certainly fought the good fight. What a heroine! What a champion! What a woman!

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