Wednesday Link Love: Holiday Edition

Brokey McPoverty: christmas carol spotlight: ‘baby, it’s cold outside’

this is the most date rapinest ass christmas song ever invented!  YOU listen to the song and hear, ‘aw, how sweet, this guy really likes this girl and doesn’t want her to leave, so he’s using the weather as an excuse for her to stay with him!’  *I* hear this song and think, ‘OH MY GOD, THIS MAN IS A PREDATOR.’

Bitch Blogs: Bah humbug! Or, why holiday movies aren’t really a gift to women

A few years ago, my husband and I decided it’d be amusing to riff on the twelve days of Christmas with twelve different holiday-themed movies culled from the Lifetime and Hallmark channels…Two movies in, I thought I noticed some invidious little jabs at a certain stereotype of woman. Six movies in, definite themes were beginning to emerge. By movie number nine, I had to admit defeat.

i09: When Will White People Stop Making Movies Like “Avatar”?

Whether Avatar is racist is a matter for debate…it’s a fantasy about race told from the point of view of white people. Avatar and scifi films like it give us the opportunity to answer the question: What do white people fantasize about when they fantasize about racial identity?

Poise: Crafting + Racism + Hipsters + Bacon = Hot Mess

cultural appropriation happens all the time, but is it ever okay? Is it okay for an Austin-dwelling, crafting, educated, white woman to adopt and adapt a term used by and against a more urbane and hip-hop centered culture? Is it okay for an educated, urban-dwelling, pork-eater to base their identity off of a cut of meat that was created by and for people who couldn’t afford to throw away any part of an animal?

Shakesville: President Obama Is Trying to Make My Head Explode

I’m sorry, is that the same “President George W. Bush’s White House” in which key staff avoided using email and/or used outside domains in a transparent attempt to avoid compliance with the Presidential Records Act, in which nearly a year’s worth of email went missing, in which government laptops were professionally wiped, in which an email archiving system was never established

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Like a Whisper: Last Minute Gift Guide for the Social Justice Set

Riverdaughter: The abortion “compromise” doesn’t make the health care reform bill good

Sociological Images: The New York Times Gift Guide for People “Of Color”

Jezebel: This is the face of a “crazy cat lady”

Feminist Law Professors: Passive-Aggressive Holiday Gift-Giving

Isis the Scientist: Why no, Virginia. I’m Not a Mexican…

The Voracious Vegan: Sticky Fingers Gingerbread

Two different takes on Brittany Murphy’s death:

And finally, some sad news: Ann Nixon Cooper passed away at the age of 107.  I note this because one of my grandfathers passed away at that same age (except I was about a year old when it happened), and I would have loved to hear him talk about his life experiences.  Here’s a clip of Ms. Cooper reflecting on Obama being elected to president (via Jezebel):


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