Weekend Link Love

The Hater: James Cameron Says, “This One’s for All the Females.”

Mmm, you like that, girl? That’s how James Cameron…will do anything to entice you. Did you know that James Cameron, director of Titanic, made a new movie for you, girl? Mmmm, yeah, made it just for you. You won’t be able to resist it.

New America Media: Shenandoah Police Protected White Perpetrators

Pennsylvania police officers, including the police chief of Shenandoah, Pa., abandoned their duty to uphold the law and instead aided and abetted the teenagers who brutally attacked Luis Ramirez. We welcome the federal indictments of these officers and those responsible for beating a man to death for little other reason than because he was Latino.

Jane Kelly Kosek: Women Need to Make More Movies and Network More

I keep hearing about all of this outrage that exists over women not being hired to make movies, either as screenwriters or directors or producers. As a female producer, I am certain that I am discriminated against whether or not it’s on purpose. There is a boys club that exists in Hollywood, no doubt about it.

Womanist Musings: Chuck Norris: ObamaCare, The Virgin Mary and Slut Shaming, Wow That’s A Trifectar

What’s a little holiday slut shaming between devout Christians right?  Perhaps, if womens bodies were not stigmatized, being an unwed mother would not be problematic?  It seems like a reasonable assumption to me.

Muslimah Media Watch: Divorce, Egyptian Style: Divorcee Radio Breaks Stereotypes

“When security disappears in married life, and serenity is not accessible, then it is time to do the thing most despised by Allah.” With these words, Mahasen Saber opens her blog, I want a divorce , and then later her online radio station, Divorce Radio.

More links after the jump

Racialicious: It Was Racist

Alexa Kolbi-Molinas: “There Are No Coat Hangers in Iraq”

Echidne of the Snakes: Putting On The Mask

Joanna Dolgoff, M.D.: University Requires Obese Students To Take Fitness Course To Graduate

PostBourgie: Finally Free

Feministe: Abuse of Pregnant Prisoners Goes Beyond Shackling During Labor

Sociological Images: Disability Symbology

The Unapologetic Mexican: Juan Felipe Herrera Awarded PEN/Beyond Margins Award for Latest Work

The Transcontinental Disability Choir: I Promise You Haven’t Heard This One Before

baftaboo: Ageism, Intersectionality, Etc.

Video Love: On not being Hispanic, and on being Native American (h/t A Radical Profeminist)


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3 Responses to Weekend Link Love

  1. prof susurro says:

    Having recently completed a series on black women film directors which included watching an excellent documentary about how they are shut out of Hollywood, I think Jane Kosek’s bootstraps theory is a little victim blaming and a lot racial privilege. And I plan to say that on her blog as well

  2. prof susurro says:

    I wanted to let you and your readers know that Jane Kelly responded to my constructive criticism w/ classic derail. (She refused to address the absence of intersectionality, accused me and another comment maker of calling her “grade school and naive” and then demanded to know “what are you doing to effect change” so as not to deal with what she is not doing.)

    It makes me both sad and angry that typically when white feminists are called on their myopia the response is derail. We all get angry at being called out but as long as you actually did the thing you are called out for, owning privilege is the first step to real change.

  3. Julian says:

    Two filmmakers I admire, doing docs:

    Aishah Shahidah Simmons: No! The Rape Documentary
    and Tiona McClodden: Black./Womyn.:Conversations with Lesbians of African Descent

    (maybe that white prof. needs to see these films!)

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